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Don't believe everything you think

A lot of what we think we know we have grown out of what other people have handed to us. Most of it is well meaning, absorbed from our culture, ads, or social media.

Learning to think critically gives you the ability to look at the quality of your thoughts, and choose for yourself what is worth keeping or leaving behind. Just like weeding a garden, it isn't easy and you'll be doing it for the rest of your life... but the results are beautiful!

Image by Tim Cooper
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Farmer with Cow


Wrong ideas we can't shake

During the 19th century cow's became a HUGE part of the culture in India.  Milk, meat, fertilizer... after a while the respect for a useful animal turned into veneration of something holy.

Anyone who has worked with cows probably recognizes how absurd this is.

But a SACRED COW can go wherever it wants, and it is sacrilege to harm one.  

I've met cows before. It isn't good to put one up on a pedestal. 

I would much rather bring them down to earth, and break out the barbecue sauce.  Or if that is too subtle for you:  let's bring some of our lofty ideas back to earth and see if they're still worthwhile.  

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